Criminal Justice Program Hosts Crime Scene Simulation


Gwynedd Mercy University’s Criminal Investigation Class (CRJ 405) held a crime scene simulation to learn, engage with, and understand how to investigate the scene of a crime on Monday, October 2.

This semester’s class chose to investigate a theft in progress, where the actor playing the role of the robber fled the scene of the crime through the wooded area behind Gwynedd Mercy Academy. Observed by a witness, the robber disposed of the stolen materials in the woods and made his escape. Leaving traces of evidence, it was the students’ job who were playing the roles of investigators to close off the woods and thoroughly search the area for any clues that may have been left by the robber.

Marking off and securing the local wooded area, investigators began their extensive search. Arriving with the appropriate equipment such as fire trucks with search lights, the investigators did a rough sketch of the overall area and searched for any pieces of evidence they could find.

Photographs were taken and any evidence found was marked and measured before being secured and collected. All information that was marked, secured, and collected was handed over along with a brief overview of the overall scene to the requesting detective for further analysis and investigation.

Simulations such as these better prepare Gwynedd Mercy University students to be well prepared professionals in their careers.

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